When a justice storyteller and a global humanitarian photographer meet in the desert of Kenya, and connect with a modern day slave abolitionist in Greece, a co-founder of a care-managing app in Boston, and a sold-out Jesus-lover author in Hawaii — what is birthed is Show Up Now. Because the dream and vision that stirred Ann Voskamp, Esther Havens, Christine Caine, Jessica Kim and Jefferson Bethke is a world where we all get the joy of shalom and the remaking of the world.

Where we all get to live relational world-changing stories of showing up down the street and across the world, in the day in and day out, in crisis, and in love. Show Up Now believes that we always show up for family — and, no matter who we are or where we live, we are all one family.No matter how long the road is between us — we all belong to each other.

And when we show up for each other — Jesus gets to show off.


Vision and Hope

We all get to be real. And just show up as we are: show up with our honest stories, our real needs, our true humanity.

We all get to live beyond our four walls, our own lives.

And when we show up for each other, both vulnerably and sacrificially — we get to live connected lives. Deeply meaningful lives.

We get to hold space to hear each other’s stories — and become part of a bigger story. A world-changing story.

Right here is where you get to really see people — your real family, the family of humanity we all belong to — right across the street, across town, across the planet.

And in micro-small ways, everyday ways, totally doable ways — we all get to SHOW UP NOW — practically, prayerfully, and personally — so that the hope we want to see in the world SHOWS UP for all of us.


Grassroots movement

You know how everyone keeps talking of testing? Virus testing?  Well, truth is:

We are all being tested in all kinds of hard ways right now.

And the ultimate test is: Can we SHOW UP NOW for each other?

This is, well, kinda: The Crazy Covid Test. A wild test, huge experiment, in kindness in the time of covid. 

Can we all show up now with legit crazy kindness for each other in the midst of this coronavirus pandemic?  

This Crazy Covid Test grew out of a grassroots movement led by one of our team, Jefferson Bethke, who, 2 weeks ago, literally just showed up on Instagram & sent a shout out:  Anyone need a hand in the midst of this crisis — a hand to get the utilities for this month paid, or get a bag of groceries, or help cover a bit of the rent?

And one beautiful thing led to another & Jeff whipped up a google doc because people WANTED to get connected & — for real —over 700 people SHOWED UP.

People showed up & shared their needs without embarrassment. 

And people showed up & shared what they had without wondering if it was enough. 

$5 bucks here, $20 bucks there. 

Turns out? People WANTED to SHOW UP NOW — & everyone passed this Crazy Covid Test with flying colours! 

So we all came together to create a safer way for you all to connect in a place a bit more secure than a google doc.

Like Jeff’s grassroots movement, it’s all honor system here. Because you are all that kinda people: honest, kind — & doing the good & needful work of really connecting to know what’s legit. 

Yes, you’re totally right: it is a Crazy Covid Test, & by showing up now, you get that we’re not responsible for anyone shafting anybody, but you know it’s definitely worth us all literally connecting to be a shaft of kind light in times like these.

So, let’s do it!

  • Vulnerably Show Up Now — by letting us know a very specific need you have right now because of this virus
  • Sacrificially Show Up Now — by meeting someone’s need. Send a few bucks, whatever you can, directly — be the kind of people we all will someday need! 

And read each other’s stories! Connect! Reach out! See our shared humanity & share Hope! 

You all are the kind of people who SHOW UP NOW, safeguard each other’s trust, grow our faith in humanity, and LOVE LARGE — so all kinds of LIGHT can SHOWUPNOW!